Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat by Ad Konings

With over 40 years of fish keeping and book publishing Ad Konings is a house hold name in the fish industry. From his early works Cichlid yearbook to his most recent editions of Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat. Ad konings is at the forefront of the study, conservation and teachings of fish from Africa and beyond.

With three editions and the fourth on its way not much needs to be said about Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat. This could be considered the naturalist companion in the line of books focusing on cichlids from lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa. This book focuses on the natural environment and habitats of the fish from the lake. It looks at the different species, their particular niche and how they interact within that environment. This newest edition goes over 200 different species and includes over 1200 photographs in its 432 pages.

Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat was my first book on fish keeping. It was a birthday gift and I had no idea where this book would ultimately take me. I feel in love with Tanganyika cichlids and have been keeping them ever since. That was 15 years ago and to this day I go through the book to refresh myself on these lovely fish and how they live. If you are interested in maintaining these African fish and would like to keep them in a habitat that is as close as possible to their natural one this book is a great reference. It clearly goes over each habitat pertaining to the lake. It lists the fish found in those habitats and gives information on their interaction with said habitat. Every picture is clear and each fish is labeled with its scientific name and the location of that specific fish. Almost every fish gone over in this book is a species that you could ultimately keep in your home aquaria.

This book is not just for the entry level aquarist or even the intermediate but can be informative and enjoyed by the most advanced fish hobbyist or even professional. If your interests are in cichlids and other fish from lake Tanganyika. And you want to learn about the fish and/or recreate their habitat at home, this book is a must have addition to your library. Title: Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural HabitatAuthor: Ad Konings

Title: Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat

Author: Ad Konings

Length: 432 Pages

Publisher: Cichlid Press https://www.cichlidpress.com/

ISBN: 978-932892-26-0

Cost: $84.50