Dr. Axelrod’s Mini-Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes Mini-Edition

1800 color glossy photos, photography instruction, aquarium setup, information on live plants, and feeding habits/lighting/temperament/aquarium setup/swimming habits/ph/hardness/temperature/size/aquarium size for every species listed. Sounds like the perfect book, or does it?

Lets first talk about the books strengths. The book is written by six acclaimed authors guaranteeing the information is going to be as accurate as possible at the time. With all the data provided for each species this mini atlas is a great reference to consult quickly. The high quality photos make identification quick and easy and the guides to aquarium setup in the back of the book make it a great starting off point to those who are new to keeping fish. Most of the fish listed in the atlas can be found easily on aquabid.com, specialty websites, or even at your local fish store.

Now with all that what negative things could I say about the book? When I received this book I had already been keeping fish for many years and my first opinion was quite negative. I was already versed with most of the fish listed in the book. I was familiar with the breeding habits and aquarium maintenance the book goes over. I felt this book was teaching me nothing new. I quickly read through the entire book in just one sitting going over all of the pictures. Reading the maintenance and breeding section and having a little chuckle when I saw the now vintage aquarium products the books goes over and recommends.

After having this book for some time I have since come around to the idea of a book like this. It is not in anyway intended to be a specialists book. It is not a book for someone with years experience hoping to gain all kinds of new and wonderful information. On the contrary, it is a book perfect for someone entering the aquarium hobby. It gives a brief overview of many fish from may different families. Showing their most basic needs and what problems and diseases one might come across.

I now frequently take this book with me to places like a doctors visit when I know I will have some waiting time, so that I may breeze through all the wonderful pictures refreshing myself on different species that I might have forgotten about or just enjoying it as eye candy. It really is an enjoyable no nonsense book to have in your collection. And for the prices you can find this book on sites like amazon.com there really isn’t a reason not to get it.

Title: Dr. Axelrod's Mini-Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes Mini-Edition

Authors: Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod,Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Cliff W. Emmens,Neal Pronek, Jerry G. Walls, Ray Hunziker

Length: 992 Pages

Publisher: t.f.h. http://tfhpublications.com/

ISBN-10: 0866223851

ISBN-13: 978-0866223850

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