Why books?

In our age of information at our fingertips. Websites bringing up to date descriptions of every know fish and reptile, and endless youtube channels informing people how to care for many of them. You may think to yourself, paper books are a thing of the past, obsolete. I argue these texts are of invaluable knowledge and every fish/reptile enthusiast should keep their own personal library.

These books contain knowledge from professionals and hobbyists with many years of experience keeping and breeding these amazing animals. When picking up a book from a credited author you know you are gaining years of extensive information that can prove beneficial to you for years to come.

Yes classification of specific species can change of the years. Was once a species in a genus might be moved to a different genus or completely renamed but what wont change is the physical description and its location and habitat along with its breeding habits. When starting with a new species of fish/reptile these books prove essential when learning about the types of waters they originate from or climate so you are best prepared for their setup. When breeding, essential information as to parental care and husbandry, accurate knowledge is vital to the animals longevity. Sure you could just open the internet app on your phone and do a quick google search by a lot of the information you might find is just hearsay and guesses. These authors spend many hours researching and studying these animals and providing the accurate knowledge right at your fingertips.

So I say drive down to your local library or add a book to your amazon cart today and start benefiting from the wealth of information that’s out there.

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