Back-to-Nature Guide to Tanganyika Cichlids by Ad Konings

If Ad Konings’ book Tanganyika Cichlids in Their Natural Habitat is his naturalist book then the Back-To-Nature guide is his aquarist book. This book could be considered the companion book to TCTNH (Tanganyika Cichlids in Their Natural Habitat). What is the great and unusual thing that Ad Konings is doing here is not only supplying us with great knowledge of how to successfully keep these fish in the home aquarium but also giving us information on how these fish live and behave in their natural environment. For example when looking up information on the fish Neolamprologus multifasciatus you will find in the Back-to-Nature guide that the fish live and breed in shells and in large colonies. But when referencing TCTNH together you will see many pictures of what that environment looks like and read about that environment in extensive detail giving you that much more knowledge of how to properly setup and care for the fish.

One of the things I really like about this book is how Ad Konings really gets straight to the good stuff. Many fish keeping reference books I come across like to add unnecessary filler to the beginning of their books. That is general information on basic fish keeping. How to setup a tank, water quality, feeding, etc. And that sometimes can encompass up to half the total books length. I believe most people who read these books already possess that basic knowledge. Now in this book there are a few brief chapters on the caring and setup for these fish but the information is specifically relevant to Tanganyika cichlids. And out of the almost 200 pages those chapters only take up about 40 of them. The rest is gold.

What you are going to find in this book are examples of Tanganyika cichlids categorized by genus, along with species specific information. Each species has two sections with information. The first gives numbers symbolizing its difficulty of keeping, total length, minimum aquarium size and capacity, and brood size. The second will go over the fishes distribution, habitat, feeding, and breeding. Along with each species you will find at least one quality color photo to go along with the example.

From what you’ve read so far you could probably come to the conclusion that I am quite fond of this book. I have gone through this book back to front more times than I could possibly remember (so many times the binding is falling apart). Just the pictures themselves are eye candy. I really couldn’t recommend this book any higher. This along with TCTNH is what really what help expand my interest in Tanganyika cichlids. If you have even the slightest interest in anything Tanganyika cichlid related this book is a must. I only hope that Ad Konings brings out a new edition soon for us to drool over.

Title: Back-to-Nature Guide to Tanganyika Cichlids 

Author: Ad Konings

Length: 192 pages

Publisher: Cichlids Press

ISBN-10:  1932892036 

ISBN-13:  978-1932892031 

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