Complete Book of Dwarf Cichlids by Hans-Joachim Richter

Cichlids are some of the most diverse freshwater fish on this planet. They can be the most challenging and most rewarding fish to keep. Their beauty can rival that of saltwater fish. And the different behaviors these fish exhibit can be the most amazing things to observe in the home aquaria. This book focuses on the dwarf (generally less than 4 inches) varieties from all over the globe. Ones that could make great additions to your smaller aquariums. Lets find out what this book has to offer.

As previously mentioned CBDC (Complete book of dwarf cichlids) focuses on cichlids of the smaller stature (less than 10cm [about 4 inches]). Cichlids to people first starting out in the hobby can be intimidating. Walking through your LFS (local fish store) seeing large aggressive Central American cichlids and South American and rift lake cichlids with specific water chemistry needs, one might steer away from these amazing fish. But with a little extra preparation and care keeping them can be as painless as any other fish available in the trade. CBDC can offer vital information.

The book really jumps into the good stuff. The beginning does go over some general care points but it really is cichlid specific. The author goes over the general behavior, keeping, spawning, and diseases of dwarf cichlids. But then goes right to the species descriptions. At this point I must say that CBDC offers some of the most detailed information I’ve seen in a book of this type. It includes for most of its listed species the fishes original description, distribution, habitat, characters (including fin and scale count and total length),sexual dimorphisms (if any), aquarium keeping, spawning, and general comments about the fish. Also included are similar details about the genera as well. The author also includes maps for the different genera of fish. And for may of the fish you will find high quality color photographs.

If you are interested in dwarf cichlids even in the least you must pick up this book. If not just for the eye candy itself. The book is thorough, extremely detailed, and laid out in a way to make it the perfect quick species reference. The seemingly only downfall this book has is that it was published in 1989 leaving many of the species names out of date. And the book has no updated editions. But with that said it is a great starting off point to learn about dwarf cichlids.

Title: Complete Book of Dwarf Cichlids

Author: Hans-Joachim Richter

Length: 208 pages

Publisher: T.F.H publications

ISBN-10: 0866227016 

ISBN-13: 978-0866227018 

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